Feb 23

NOTHING-MAN joins Scattered Comics

14711595_1094212147330132_8829792820552425417_oScattered Comics continues to grow its library of titles each year. Rolling out of 2017 Scattered Comics has the pleasure to welcome John Rhodes with his own creator-owned comic book series, “Nothing-Man”. If John’s name sounds familiar to you, that is because John has been a part of Scattered Comics working under Shane Will’s studio on “Caliber #4-#5″ and “spitfire #1″. “It was a no-brainer to bring his own creation into the fold.”, says president Jason Dube. After Noel Serrato, looked over John’s first issue submission, that sentiment was quickly echoed, and “Nothing-Man” is now a official part of Scattered Comics.

CreatorJohn Rhodes explains the premise of “NOTHING-MAN”…

89 days have passed since an epic battle between twin godlike brothers, one the ultimate hero, the other pure evil, ends with an explosion that decimates Paradise City. Both Hyperious and Insidious are now missing and presumed dead, thousands are dead in Paradise City, those that remain live in fear. A Coalition of government forces and evil Hyprids have seized control of what remains. While the Coalition and the Hyprids search for the twins, everyone else looks to the sky, waiting for Hyperious to return and save them all.”

16819375_1215672011850811_1413196274622347707_oThis is not your typical hero book is not for the faint of heart which earns its “Mature Readers” label on it. Check out this comic book today both as a digital download or ordered through John directly Click here to visit the “Nothing-Man” page to purchase.


Feb 15

James Burton speaks to Mira Loma High School Students about Creating Comics Feb. 17th, 2017


Mira Loma Highschool Students prepare to become the next generation of Comic Book creators

Each year Scattered Comics creators have the honor of attending a special comic book creating event at Mira Loma High School. This year the honor will go to James Burton (Damage Inc.) who will be sharing advice, tips, and encouragement to the students this Friday, February 17th 2017 from10am-11am. Speaking to both the creative writing class as well as artists that will team up with them to produce their very own comic books.

Students will have a chance to really pick the mind of Burton, as well as their teacher, Keith Carmona, (Also comic creating star on “Blank“) on drafting, penciling, inking, and other finer aspects of comic book writing and creating.

Once the students finished their works, James Burton will return a few weeks later to look over and give feedback to several presenters as well as completed projects. The advice and feedback is welcomed by the students with some now considering perusing this medium for their stories.

This is the 6th year Ms. Char and Mr. Carmona have collaborated on this project at Mira Loma High School, and the 4th year Scattered Comics, has been involved in guest speaking and critiquing future artists and writers. Possibly the next big names in future Scattered Comics.


Jan 31

Free Copy of Scattered’s “The Edge #1″ Sketch edition offer

13296301_10153473383892016_1186678703_nThe creator, Marvin Wynn, of “The Edge” comic book series is offering to give away free copies of the exclusive sketch edition of issue #1.
That’s right, a free give away, (no cost), not even shipping. All he is asking is that you post a picture to facebook, of yourself holding your winning copy. It will be on the honor system that you do this when you receive your copy. With the @theedge or #theedge. As long, it is links back to https://www.facebook.com/The.Edge.Comic/
He has a very limited number and winners will be chosen at random.

Here’s how you enter the lottery… go to (link)  THE EDGE Facebook Page. Enter your name and watch to see if you win!


Jan 27

Scattered Comics releases New List of Titles for 2017


Jan 04

Scattered Comics starts New Year with SacAnime (January 6th-8th, 2017)


Scattered Artists: Jason Dube, Bordin Marsinkul & Jamie Firenze

Scattered Comics creators will be returning for the SacAnime Show to start out the New Year with new artwork, comics and prints for the fans.

Here is the run down of what creators will be attending and what they will be making available for the convention.

Jason Dube (Scattered/Panda Days): (AA-B10) Jason will be on hand with the last copies of the exclusive and limited Expo editions of the action-horror comic book “Shadow Hunters #4″. Jason will also have copies of the new all-ages “How To” comic book/tutorial book “Comics Vs Manga“. In this first issue you will meet the talented and diverse comic book and manga artists and join them as they are forced together in the same room. Continue with these artists as they decide to showcase their strengths and knowledge in step-by-step tutorials demonstrating that together they can accomplish more in achieving their goals as creators then focusing on their differences. Special guests include… Manga superstar Katie Bair (Ninja High School) and Comic Book fantasy artist Billy Martinez (Wildflower) will both share tips on what helped them starting out as a artist. He will also be on hand signing copies of his “Panda Days” tradeback books, AwwwesomeSauce #1, and many of his all-ages books. He will be ready to do some live commissions, as well as talking to fans and talents.

Bordin Marsinkul (Zacklin): (C18) He will have copies of “Zacklin #8-12″, and brand new prints. He will be doing his usual speed demon and be selling copies of “Zacklin” tradeback vol.1

Jamie Firenze (Panda Days Webcomic): (AA-B11) Jaime will will be on hand to do both live commissions and selling prints of her amazing works of art.

YokoPuff– Cosplayer: (AA-B10) As an extra treat will be the return of our regular cosplayer YokoPuff. She will be appearing in various cosplays throughout the show, but dressed as “Jenna” from Shadow Hunters on Friday at 3pm. She will helping out at the “Shadow Hunters” table ALL WEEKEND (Saturday from 9am-11am & Sunday) and debuting a new “Shadow Hunters” themed lotion product. She will also be signing copies of her photo prints as well as taking photos with the fans! (Come by and see her and the world of the Shadow Hunters).

VicKnives– Cosplayer: (AA-B10) As extra extra bonus treat is the return of our cosplayer VicKnives. She will be appearing at the “Shadow Hunters” table (AA-B10) as “Jessika” from the comic book. She be signing copies of her photo prints as well as taking photos with the fans! (This will be for SATURDAY ONLY From 9am-11am)

Hope to see you and start the New Year with lots of great new comics and art at SacAnime!



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