Exclusive Variant Cover Editions of SCATTERED

With the new Series 2 of SCATTERED in full swing, we wanted to do something a little fun and special. So Starting with issue #2 a series of exclusive variant covers by big industry talents will be popping up. Issue’s number 2 has a eerie ghostly cover by Andi Watson of “Skeleton Key”, and “Geisha”. Issue #3 will have 2 different variant covers. One by Jimmie Robinson of “Bomb Queen”, and another by Noel Serrato of “Hotaru”. The fourth issue will have a very action packed cover by Wagner Fukura.

“We started this new series with a cover contest and the different artistic covers were such a hit we decided to continue with the concept and produce special variants”, remarked Scattered Comics executive Jason Dube.

So, when you attend the conventions that Scattered Comics will have a booth at (See the APPEARANCES section), be sure be on the look for the special variants. They will be only temporary and very exclusive to certain shows.



  1. Bill Pappas

    I own a comic shop in Canton Ohio, and a mail order customer was looking for this series. Can we purchase directly from you? Thanks.

    1. admin

      Its actually perfect timing you sent me this message as I am working hard to expand the stores my books are in. I will contact you and work out the details about getting some books into your store. Thank you for finding and messaging me.

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