CAFFEINE POISONED Soundtrack is Finally Voted On and Completed!

The votes were talleyed up. It was such an incredible selection of talent. Thank you all for being a part of this and we plan to do many more soundtracks in the coming future. So if you didn’t win this time, please feel free to enter the next one. (I would really like to use all the music that was submitted! It was all so awesome!!) Here are the results of the contest….

1. Heavily Caffeinated – By Mas and Symphonic

2. You Make Me Alive – By Slants

3. Time Slips Away  – By The Bloody Strummers

4. Fairy Tale Girl – By Slugger Bear

5. Rebel Princess – By KK Ryder

6. Take A Little Time For Love – By Dangerous Rythums

7. Self Destruct – By Konniption

8. Kick Ass – By Backyard Astronaughts

9. Vancancy – By False City

10. The Bullet And The Gun – By Backyard Astronaughts

11. Now You Know – By Rachet

12. Girl Of My Dreams – By Remora

13. Fight For Future – By The Slants

14. Rush- By Flip Coin Movement

Look for the published soundtrack to be appearing on very soon! Thank you again for taking the time to submit, and look for the next contest. We have plans to do a SCATTERED, PANDA DAYS, and WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN soundtrack next!


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