ABOUT KELSEY BEAIRD (Director of Operations)

27845571_10156128456423894_913449149_oKelsey has been a driving organizational force in Scattered Comics as she first entered the scene when her husband, Eli Beaird, joined the company. Asking lots of questions about how the operations of the company as a whole works and offering ways to not only streamlining some aspects, but also offering to take up the chores to enact those changes herself. She began constructing the company’s Pateron page and working calendar for every creator. It was obvious she should be brought into the management staff as Director of Operations. She will be creating and maintaining address book and calendar of all creators, She will continue to create and maintain the Scattered Comics Pateron site. She will Broadcast live video feed to the Scattered Comics YouTube channel when able. She will continue to offer her wonderful suggestions to help Scattered Comics grow. Lastly she will operate as point person at conventions where other scattered staff are unable to attend.


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