Spitfire (1-Shot)

Bursting out of the pages of “Incursion” and Caliber” comes Spitfire!

With the powers of flight and fire control she inherited from her Grandad, she’s taking the fight for right to the streets of Elmhurst City! See her first day in this new city. Get ready for the “Hottest” Brit in the Tomorrowverse, get ready for Spitfire!

Created by Joe Burttram

Written by Shane Will

Art by John Rhodes

Colors by K Maxy Bebber.

Digital Download  (ONLY) $1.99



PO6937813-front2“Spitfire” Tee Shirt

She’s been a part of the hero club of the Tomorrowverse since the first issue of “Tales of the Tomorrowverse” back in 2014.  Now she’s busting off the pages in her own solo book.  Check out the action in “Spitfire” #1 comes out this month, and show your support by picking up this special limited t-shirt with art by the comics artist John Rhodes.

“Spitfire” Tee Shirt  $20









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