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The adventure begins here! The fantasy-adventure where a little kitten is trying to find his way home through numerous adventures.

A CURIOUS JOURNEY #1 (Comes with Original Sketch and Signed by Artist)  $7.00 + SHIPPING

A CURIOUS JOURNEY #1 Digital Download $3.00






(Download Only)

This comic book actually stars Miss Misery in this comic book as she shows her deepest, darkest love for the lead singer in her favorite band.

Created by Reyna Young, Story by Reyna Young & Jeff Hughes, Art by Arri Sherman, and Colors by Sean Salazar


A HAUNTING DESIRE Digital Download $3.00


forgotten1 PhotCOVFORGOTTEN TALES #1 (Download Only)

Hosted by Miss Misery, Forgotten tales brings you back to classic styled horror comics. (In the vein of EC Comics). In this issue, we see the self-contained story of a young actress trying to break into the movie industry and finds herself in a real life horror movie.

Created by Reyna Young, Story by Reyna Young & Jeff Hughes, Art by Ryan Showers, and Colors by Julia Suvanto


FORGOTTEN TALES #1 Digital Download $3.00

CreepyKofy1 PhotocovBCREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME #1 (Download Only)

Based on the weekly television show by the same name, this comic book is a roller coaster ride as the Devil (who happens to be a sexy woman) sends the two hosts of this show running for their lives and trying to survive the very classic horror films they play each week. With Co-host Miss Misery who may have a way to help them out or straight into a grave.

Created by Reyna Young, Story by Reyna Young & Jeff Hughes, Art by Ryan Showers, and Colors by Julia Suvanto & Vasco Sobral


CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME #1 Digital Download




Hell-Slayer #1

Darius Jones just wanted to be a professional wrestler. He spent his life working and training for that goal. A chance encounter in a dark alley will forever change everything for him. In the end Darius will find himself the newest hero of the ever expanding Tomorrowverse.

Written by. Scott Weldon, Shane Will

Artwork by. Weston Duggan-Starr

Hell-Slayer #1 $4.99 + SHIPPING ($3 USA Only)

Digital Download  (ONLY) $1.99



  In December of 2015 the nano-bomb was created, fusing nuclear and nano technology together. The first, and last bomb, was detonated into Earth’s atmosphere. When the irradiated nanomachines came back down, they merged humans with machines.   Written by Rustin Petrae Co-Written & Artwork by Frederick Allison Jr   CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE HYBRID …


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  The souls of mankind and every living thing are the weighing objects on the tipping scale of good and evil, an uneven shift of spiritual energy can threaten the very balance of the Universe. It is the duty of the Great Planet Non and its oracle, chosen by God, to calculate and protect that …


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  The hero who was created in the far future and born in the past has landed today. In the year 3000 humanity is lost, and the last 2 survivors find a program created to defend humanity. A combination of different alien DNA with human, giving this person all the abilities of the races that …


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“A Curious Journey” is a fantasy-adventure where a little kitten is trying to find his way home through numerous adventures.                 CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE A CURIOUS JOURNEY FACEBOOK PAGE     A CURIOUS JOURNEY #1   The adventure begins here! The fantasy-adventure where a little kitten is …


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 A shadow has fallen over the Earth.  A shadow in the shape of an invading army. It’s Tomorrow’s worst fear.  They have come, and they are early. A threat faces the Earth that is so massive all the heroes of the Tomorrowverse must come together for the first time.  They will face the Solka’ Kolkar, …


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  “Erabyss” follows Vale and his friends as their world succumbs to a devastating phenomenon called Rot. Their journey to discover the source of this strange infestation turns into a horrific nightmare as the Rot begins to spawn terrifying creatures called Tyrants. No place is safe from their relentless onslaught and our heroes are forced …


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Darius Jones was not trying to become a hero… He’s was trying to be a top-tier professional wrestler; earn a rep, build his brand, make the big time. To compete with the best of the New Providence National Wrestling Alliance (NPN) and stars like Brian Cage for the belt. But no good deed goes unpunished. …


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LoveHavoc1 COVER


  “Love Havoc” is a brand new twist on the fabled Greek mythologies and characters in a storyline that is both compelling and addicting. The story Love Havoc is about a boy named Grey, whom years ago his family slaughtered and having no recollection on what had happened that night puts him in a constant …


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  Spitfire (1-Shot) Bursting out of the pages of “Incursion” and Caliber” comes Spitfire! With the powers of flight and fire control she inherited from her Grandad, she’s taking the fight for right to the streets of Elmhurst City! See her first day in this new city. Get ready for the “Hottest” Brit in the Tomorrowverse, get …


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    “Nighxa” is about a alternate world of fun playful critters ruled by a princess who embarks upon the journey to unite her family as rulers. A family saga, intellectual and playful read. Written and Drawn by Braedon Kuts     CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE NIGHXA FACEBOOK PAGE


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