Around ’92-’94 Mark got his very first job was a penciler on Entity/C.A.T.S. Comics. He worked on Harriers 1-3 and Aster 0.
He moved on to book illustrations in Marketing Horizons where he did the pencils for an informational/educational book. The book was called Journeys and Superkids.
He Trained in Philippine Animation Studio Inc. for a year then trained in IB/Clean-up at Sunwoo Studios and got hired for a year.
Did some storyboard clean-ups under Art Director Yuri Timg of DigDeep Entertainment for a live-action (Hongkong) romance-comedy movie called “The Perfect Guy” the director/writer’s name is Duc Lu.
Finally went back to comics.
Fantasy creatures, medieval (preferably Norse-inspired) characters, “monsters, cyborgs & freaks”, post-nuclear & “earth after humans” themes , techno-magical/medieval themes, Dungeonpunk, dabbling in Steampunk as well, weirdly-proportioned and/or extremely-buff characters.
1) Final Pencils
2) Penciled & Inked
3) Grey Ink Tonal Art
4) Character/Item Creation/Designing
5) I do not do photo-realism, portraits, likenesses and colors.
6) Drawings of cityscapes, buildings and such are average at best.

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