me-patternedsweatercropYolante Charles is a writer, artist, (computer) line-artist, and designer. Relatively new to the comic industry, she has already put out the several professional comics she has drawn (“Panda Shorts #1-#2″) and is currently working on her own comics as well.

Originally from Canada she came to California and is currently working on becoming a permanent resident. She recently graduated from Sacramento City College with a Associate’s Degree in Graphic Communications and three certificates. Her art style is an original anime style, and is often made to work on her ‘adorable chibis’.

Her currently project does not have a working title yet, but other projects she plans to start soon are ‘Forget my Name’ web-comic, ‘Warmth’, ‘Carved in Stone’, and ‘Thump’; whilst still working on Panda Days Shorts with Jason Dube.


TITLES: “Panda Shorts” #1- Current (Writer/Artist)


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