11245389_10153234144445758_226382953_nMarvin Wynn is a resident of Pittsburgh PA, and begun crafting the story of The Edge in 1992. The story went through multiple iterations and story changes before starting work with Mark V. It was then that the story settled into what it is today. Marvin is an avid gamer siting Uncharted as his favorite video game series.








TITLES: “The Edge” #1-Current (Writer)

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Around ’92-’94 Mark got his very first job was a penciler on Entity/C.A.T.S. Comics. He worked on Harriers 1-3 and Aster 0. He moved on to book illustrations in Marketing Horizons where he did the pencils for an informational/educational book. The book was called Journeys and Superkids. He Trained in Philippine Animation Studio Inc. for a year then trained …


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