me1-2Jonathan Lotegeluaki, is the writer and creator of the new sci-fi all-ages comic book series Cyborg Penguins. Writer Jonathan Lotegeluaki summarizes the comic for us. “Four alien intergalactic detectives belonging to a birdlike humanoid species were in high pursuit of the vile criminal SLYME LORD  and his mutant thugs when they crash landed on our planet an astounding 65 MILLION YEARS AGO! Having been frozen in time for a seeming eternity, they are finally discovered by a teenage boy genius and resume their quest to hunt down SLYME LORD and his S.L.I.M.E  organization of alien mutant thugs, who are in possession of the all powerful CRYSTAL STONE star destroyer weapon. They must now learn to use their new cybernetic abilities, given to them by an ancient but extinct mysterious powerful race of beings known as PSI-LORDS.”


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