ABOUT SHANE WILL (Director of Operations)

Shane Will at ConShane Will has been writing for most his life. Starting in film and TV as early as High School. After attending The Academy of Art and learning the secrets of Make-Up effects he wrote and produced a feature film and the popular web series Monster Operatives. Recently he returned to his first love of Comics. Being published by different houses, he has started his own creator owned universe of Superheroes such as “Caliber” and “Tomorrow” and brought them to Scattered Comics. He has been brought into Scattered Comics management staff as Director of Operations. He uploads Scattered’s titles into online sources, works with new stores to carry titles, as well as operate Scattered booths at conventions and has a vote in new creative talents coming aboard.




TITLES: “Caliber #1-Current (Writer/Artist), “Tomorrow” (Writer) Issues 1-3. “Tales of the Tomorrowverse” (Writer/Artist) Volume One. “The Mighty Metala-Kid” (Writer/Artist) Special #1. “Incursion” (Writer) Issues 1-12.

“He almost became a movie guy but ultimately ended up in comics” -I LIKE COMICS Podcast (Click to HEAR Podcast)

“Shane Will joins in for this issue we get to hear what its like to be apart independent comic company” -THE HALFTONE EFFECT (Click to HEAR Podcast)

“Special WonderCon Anaheim 2015 episode” -THE FANBOY SCOOP (Click to HEAR Podcast)

“Working digitally, Bringing comic books to kids in children’s hospitals and of course a heavy dose of SCIENCE” -MISTRESS OF MAYHEM & CHAOS (Click to HEAR Podcast)



Josh began his foray into comics in elementary school, drawing characters of his own creation. He doodled his way through school, eventually ending up with a BA in History at CSU Chico, as well as various and sundry lesser degrees. He is currently working on his MA in Legal Studies as well as his Juris …


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Nicholas Garza is an aspiring fine arts painter and comic book artist. With no formal training Nicholas is self-taught but credits Youtube as a worthy teacher. Currently working on his own comic creation on his spare time, he works full time for CK Comics as one of their penciler/ inkers. Long term goals for Nicholas …


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Michael has been drawing all his life. He worked as an art assistant to Art Thibert in the early 90’s doing backgrounds and weapons for the Marvel Comics title Cable. He has published artwork in Videomaker Magazine, as well as done artwork for the Butte Humane Society and the Butte Environmental Council. Michael is a …


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Chuck Bowman is a fanboy turned artist/indie comic publisher,is originally from Sacramento Ca.,now lives in Anderson Ca. Chuck has always drawn,sketched and doodled. Leaning more of the darker side of comics, doing horror and fantasy art. He is a big man-child when it comes to comics,and toys. Also a lot of fun at comic cons!


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joe burttram


Joe Burttram has been fascinated with storytelling his whole life. A comic book fan from early on, it’s always been his dream to write stories that could inspire such as those that inspired him. Creator of many heroes of the Tomorrowverse, such as “Balllistic” and “Spitfire”.Look for his latest work in “Tales of the Tomorrowverse.”


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