Scattered Comics’ “Forgotten Tales” goes from Horror Comic to Horror Film


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When Last Doorway Productions  brought its’ signature horror comic line to Scattered Comics last year, it was clear things were going to change in great ways for the company. One of such comic books is “Forgotten Tales”. Hosted by Miss Misery, “Forgotten Tales” brings you back to classic styled horror comics. (In the vein of EC Comics). In its first issue, we see the self-contained story of a young actress trying to break into the movie industry and finds herself in a real life horror movie. Stop right there. Because this comic book has really become a horror movie!

Combining all 3 originally short stories (Which only the first has been released in comic book format so far), Miss Misery (Writer/director) brings “Forgotten Tales” to the screen Starring Reyna Young (The Divine Order, No Service, Monster of Golden Gate) Harold Whitson, Jeanne Ladysage Capili (The Slam Show), Slammin’ Sam (The Slam Show), Wyzae Crankfield (Recording/performing artist), Kelsey Zukowski (What they say, Within these walls), Marv Blauvelt (Psycho Street, No Service, Within these Walls), Andrew Stone, Maureen Mo Whelan (The Divine Order, No Service), Natasha Tolanz Champion (Black Devil Doll, G-String), and so many more. (Click here for complete cast)  The cast along with Reyna Young (Miss Misery) came together just after completing a shoot and spoke in depth about the film and their experiences on set on The Phantom Zone Show. (Click link to hear interview).

The film itself wrapping up and should be out soon. In the meantime, here is the just released trailer. Enjoy!



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