Last Doorway Comics gets a Scattered Comics make-over

CreepyKofy1 REGcov

Under Scattered Comics, the entire Last Doorway Productions horror comic book line from previous years will be reissued with brand new covers. New photo covers will be given to all the books that will appear on the online downloadable versions and for conventions. All the store distributed books will have brand new covers drawn by Scattered artists who will be bringing in their own style and vision to the publications. Here is the line-up of what these comic books are about and who is going to re-working the new cover art.

“A Haunting Desire #1”: This self-contained comic book story actually stars Miss Misery herself in this comic book as she shows her intensely, obsessive love for the lead singer in her favorite rock band. “Scattered” series artist, Jason Dube, will be giving a seductively dark themed new cover to this comic book.

“Forgotten Tales #1”: Hosted by Miss Misery, Forgotten tales brings you back to classic styled horror comics. (In the vein of EC Comics). In this issue, we see the self-contained story of a young actress trying to break into the movie industry and finds herself in a real life horror movie. “Blinth” artist, Noel Serrato, will be putting his energetic and dynamic styled spin into this cover.

Haunting RegCOV

All three of these books have been given a “Mature Readers” rating as to not scare the faint of heart. The online download versions are available today on the Last Doorway page, and the new drawn covers will be making their way into all Scattered carrying stores. Be sure to be watching for these books to be released soon!


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