Scattered Comics Provides Artwork to Horror Film adaption of “Forgotten Tales”

forgotten tales imageForgotten Tales” is based off of Reyna Young’s comic book series of the same name through  Scattered Comics. Scattered comics has jumped on board to be the main artists who will be providing the images within the film.

After moving into her new home a woman discovers she has a few unwanted house guests. Soon she discovers there’s more to their story. A babysitting job sounds great or is it? With a serial killer running around it may be a bad idea after all. An inspiring actress auditions for the most creepiest director ever, little does she know what he really wants from her.

Starring Reyna Young (The Divine Order, No Service, Monster of Golden Gate) Harold Whitson, Jeanne Ladysage Capili (The Slam Show), Slammin’ Sam (The Slam Show), Wyzae Crankfield (Recording/performing artist), Kelsey Zukowski (What they say, Within these walls), Marv Blauvelt (Psycho Street, No Service, Within these Walls), Andrew Stone, Maureen Mo Whelan (The Divine Order, No Service), Natasha Tolanz Champion (Black Devil Doll, G-String


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