Bringing your Creator-owned comic book to Scattered Comics

SCATTERED LOGO(new)** Submissions will not be reviewed until Nov 2017 when we begin considering new comics

Scattered Comics is always open to bringing in new creator-owned comic books to published with us. We will be requiring to see 1 finished issue of your comic book and part of a second. Here is a brief breakdown to what we offer creators.

1. Completely free!

2. You keep all  rights to your creations!

3. We take care of the Marketing, and Promotions

4. Your books carried in Scattered supported stores.

5. Part of Store signings with option to be part of Scattered Booth at Conventions.

6. Help to make your comic book a franchise. (With regular release schedule and merchandise assistance)

7. Pre-press handled for you. (Adding the logo and company format to your covers and interior covers)

8. The Printing costs may vary.

9. Being part of our family.

If you are a creator and are interested in learning more details to our policies, please contact NOEL SERRATO (Art Director) at:




  1. Kevin Given

    Can you hook me up with an artist and letterer?I have a half finished project and I can’t get in touch with the artists to help me finish the project

    1. admin

      Email me directly at

  2. Kiera Davis

    I already have the first book of my comic finished and im currently working on the second. Are you guys accepting submissions again for November 2016?

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