ABOUT NOEL SERRATO (Creative/Brand Director)

11212443_10207262343142834_1994345576_nNoel Serrato who has a dynamic style and dramatic characters has been working in the comic industry for a number of years for both his own self-publishing company and freelancing with others. His skills in comics really began to excel while working under billy martinez. After seeing his work at conventions and events, scattered comics publisher, Jason Dube, knew his work would really bring a brand new exciting factor to the titles.

After working with comic book Artist Noel Serrato (And publisher of DZ Studios) it became apparent very quickly that he was really going beyond his duties as a freelance artist for the “Blinth” title. He was talking with store owners, promoting the book, and creating his own variant covers and printing them up himself. This was not overlooked by Dube, and the two had a long meeting about making Noel the first partner in the Scattered Comics company. He would be given the title Creative/Brand Director and be given a cascade of new powers to help run the company. He will now be the driving force to negotiate with current and new retail store outlets to carry the Scattered library. He will also be the one to scout new talent and other creator-owned titles to bring under Scattered, as well as have a vote in company decisions.

We are very excited over here about the new direction Scattered Comics is going and we look forward to working with Noel for a long time.

TITLES: Blinth” #1-Current (Artist), “Awwwesomesauce” #1 (Hero Sally- Artist)



Ryan Taylor has been an artist for many years, but it was his writing that has brought him into the comic book world. A huge fan of writers Frank Miller and Richard Matheson, his signature first person writing is seen in the comic book Anonymouse. He believes having the insight into another’s thoughts keeps you …


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  1. Robert Matteoli

    Hi Noel:

    We met at McClellan. I gave you She Of The Forbidden Zone and The Black Knight.

    Have you had a chance to review the stories?

    And, can you see these stories as comic books?


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