LAST DOORWAY PRODUCTIONS is a branch of Scattered Comics that produces a line of Mature Readers Horror Comics. It is also a multi-media company that produces its own brand of films, books, and television shows.










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This comic book actually stars Miss Misery in this comic book as she shows her deepest, darkest love for the lead singer in her favorite band.

Created by Reyna Young, Story by Reyna Young & Jeff Hughes, Art by Arri Sherman, and Colors by Sean Salazar


A HAUNTING DESIRE Digital Download $3.00





forgotten1 PhotCOVFORGOTTEN TALES #1 (Download Only)

Hosted by Miss Misery, Forgotten tales brings you back to classic styled horror comics. (In the vein of EC Comics). In this issue, we see the self-contained story of a young actress trying to break into the movie industry and finds herself in a real life horror movie.

Created by Reyna Young, Story by Reyna Young & Jeff Hughes, Art by Ryan Showers, and Colors by Julia Suvanto


FORGOTTEN TALES #1 Digital Download $3.00





CreepyKofy1 PhotocovBCREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME #1 (Download Only)

Based on the weekly television show by the same name, this comic book is a roller coaster ride as the Devil (who happens to be a sexy woman) sends the two hosts of this show running for their lives and trying to survive the very classic horror films they play each week. With Co-host Miss Misery who may have a way to help them out or straight into a grave.

Created by Reyna Young, Story by Reyna Young & Jeff Hughes, Art by Ryan Showers, and Colors by Julia Suvanto & Vasco Sobral


CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME #1 Digital Download





Uno1 COVERS“UNO”, which is titled after the main character Uno. Uno is a demon hunter, he hunts all things evil along side his sister Luna and brother Alejandro. Follow them as they take over the family trade and travel for all things evil and kicks them back to hell.

“Uno” Written by Reyna Young and drawn by Samir Simao








MovieMass1 COVERS“MOVIE MASSACRE is the official comic book based on the hit weekly horror television show of the same name.”  You can catch the television show each Saturday night at 9pm to 11pm on channel KCTH 27 out of Hayward also on AT&T U-Verse through out California. Can be found Streaming live at…

“Movie Massacre” Written by Reyna Young and drawn by Warin Johnson and Frederick Allison Jr.





Miss Massacre1 COVERS

“MISS MASSACRE is about a teenage girl named Reyna who is struck by a meteor and is transformed into the monster fighting, sexy, powerful Miss Massacre! Of course while not combating zombies and creatures of evil, she battles her other terror…High school. Her comics will have her dealing with the tortures of teenage drama and high action monster slaying. She is just the first in line to become a monster-fighting superhero. There are plans to bring in other monster-heros that will soon come together with her as a team.

“Miss Massacre” Written by Reyna Young and drawn by Jason Dube






Scattered Comics Provides Artwork to Horror Film adaption of “Forgotten Tales”

“Forgotten Tales” is based off of Reyna Young’s comic book series of the same name through  Scattered Comics. Scattered comics has jumped on board to be the main artists who will be providing the images within the film. After moving into her new home a woman discovers she has a few unwanted house guests. Soon she …


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Last Doorway Comics gets a Scattered Comics make-over

Under Scattered Comics, the entire Last Doorway Productions horror comic book line from previous years will be reissued with brand new covers. New photo covers will be given to all the books that will appear on the online downloadable versions and for conventions. All the store distributed books will have brand new covers drawn by Scattered artists who …


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Scattered Comics’ “Forgotten Tales” goes from Horror Comic to Horror Film

  When Last Doorway Productions  brought its’ signature horror comic line to Scattered Comics last year, it was clear things were going to change in great ways for the company. One of such comic books is “Forgotten Tales”. Hosted by Miss Misery, “Forgotten Tales” brings you back to classic styled horror comics. (In the vein of EC Comics). In its first …


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