Music Submissions for PANDA DAYS Soundtrack Contest has Begun!

PandaDays-contestAttention All Bands & Music Artists!

Looking for another venue to spotlight your music in a unique way?

Scattered Comics owner, Jason Dube; creator of the hit, comedy comic book series “PANDA DAYS” is searching for bands/musicians to submit music tracks for his upcoming comic book soundtrack.

Bands interested will be sent PDF copies of the “Panda Days” comic book series to get acquainted with characters and the series to get a sense of general idea of the comic. Musicians and bands can submit song tracks that have already been created that fit with the theme of the comic, or a completely new piece of music can be created perfectly tailored to the series.

The songs will be voted on by the public on this website’s contest page.

The first 10 selected bands will be added to the soundtrack. Artists will obtain the rights to their music and the track will only be used for the soundtrack. What the band gets?  Of course a copy of the soundtrack will be given to each band. Bands will be featured inside the CD cover with a bio, picture of your band with contact info; The selected bands will also be mentioned on all Scattered Comics websites, and press releases will be sent out to both comic book related media and entertainment news. This CD will be marketed and sold at comic book conventions reaching a brand new market for your band to gain for you new fans.

Contact Jason Dube at:


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