Scattered Comics Celebrates last story arc issue of PANDA DAYS with “Mega Event” at SacAnime show August 30th-Sept. 1st, 2013

PANDA DAYS #5 (Final Story Arc) to be released at SacAnime Aug. 30th, 2013

PANDA DAYS #5 (Final Story Arc) to be released at SacAnime Aug. 30th, 2013

SacAnime (which is a huge Anime/Manga Convention in Sacramento, CA) is coming up on August 30th-Sept. 1st, 2013, and what better convention then unleash the PANDA DAYS “Mega Event”! What is the mega event you ask? It is none other then a huge celebration for the release of the 5th (and final story arch) issue of PANDA DAYS. But then again, it is so much more!

Panda days #5 will not only be a double-sized issue but the final chapter in its first story arc. So Scattered Comics is going all out to make this epic release a huge exciting event!

On Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-1pm we will have springing from the pages of the popular comic book “PANDA DAYS” will be a host of cosplayers appearing as characters from the comic. “Panda” by Maria Crawdad, “Mary” by Jaime Paulsen, “Russel” by Tristan Christ”, and possibly “Kat”. Be sure to come by the table and get your picture taken with them. They will also sign your comics and merch if you want as well. Its just part of the fun!

“Panda Days” creator and artist Jason Dube will be on hand to meet and sign comics.

The new panda days music video  by Unscattered and the song (“Panda Days are here again” by the Backyard Astronaughts) will be playing to create a upbeat atmosphere as two tables of all the past PANDA DAYS comic books and merchandise returns to be sold one last time. Some of such items will be The gothic kids communion candles, the panda memo pads, the sugar cookies, the stickers and buttons, but there will be other fun brand new items such as ninja figures, coffee mugs, snap bracket and panda hats! (All while supplies last)

And for the very first time, the original hand drawn art pages from Panda Days #1 will be on sale and Dube will be there to sign them as well as all your favorite full color prints. So make sure to stop by the Scattered Comics booth early to grab some of these rare, limited and fun collectables and comics. Panda Days are definitely here again!!


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