BLINTH comic book turns into Big Win for Creative Team Dube and Serrato

Creators on "Blinth"#1 Noel Serrato (Artist) Jason Dube (Writer/Creator)

Creators on “Blinth”#1 Noel Serrato (Artist) Jason Dube (Writer/Creator)

The morning on June 6th, 2013 the Scattered Comics booth started setting up and preparing to launch the official premiere of a new comic book “Blinth”. Dube (Writer/Publisher) had only ordered a conservative 50 copies for the event as it was a new title with a new direction. “I really had no idea what to expect from this book, but I was going to push it as hard as I could”. Artist, Noel Serrato arrived early to help promote the book too. Well, it wasn’t long before it was clear they weren’t going to have to work too hard, as the copies of the book started disappearing. Within a few hours of the Sac-Con show’s opening to the public that the pair of creators (Jason Dube and Noel Serrato) found themselves sold out. But the success was not going to end there. They were approached by 3 different press groups, and also offered to come on a live television show and talk about the comic book. Word of the books’ success spread to some comic book retail outlets and contacted Scattered Comics to begin carrying the book.

On the set of Channel 17's LIVE WIRE Show

On the set of Channel 17′s LIVE WIRE Show

What is “Blinth” about you ask? Blinth is the name of a original character from the series “Scattered“. This is his origin tale that is summarized this way: Can love exist in the depths of hell? In the beginning the fallen angels of heaven make a new empire what they call “The Dark”. But there are some unfinished relationships that were severed in this departure. The Cat goddess Bast, and the dark lord Anubus have a secret that they aren’t sharing with Lucifer. This origin story arc of how how the Egyptian cat-god Blinth was born and why his place in The Dark has always been unstable, and why he hates Lucifer so much.

Dube admitted he was certain it was Noel Serrato‘s artwork which gave the book’s its appeal. But whatever the appeal is with “Blinth”, it continues to outsell some Scattered Comics’ bigger and long running titles.

(You can order a downloadable copy of BLINTH by click here)


SACRAMENTO PRESS Talks with the creators of BLINTH

CHANNEL 17′s LIVEWIRE Interview with Noel & Jason


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