Jason-pic.jpg.w180h210ARTIST/WRITER/PUBLISHER Jason Dube has been self-publishing under his comic book company Scattered Comics for the past 25 years. He has published titles such as Scattered, Panda Days, Caffeine Poisoned, Waiting for Something to Happen and Shadow Hunters. He has recently began expanding his publishing company by bringing other self-published creators to grow under the umbrella of Scattered Comics.  These titles can now be found available through stores, and online venues  such as Comixology, Drive-Thru Comics, and Amazon.
Jason is also working as a fulltime freelance comicbook artist and manages a comic book art studio (Scattered Comics Studios) where dozens of artists work under him to create a easy one stop-shop comic book studio for clients create their own comic books. He has worked as artist, colorist, typesetter and layout artist for several independent companies. (Companies include NEKO PRESS, BLUE WATER PRODUCTIONS, and LAST DOORWAY PRODUCTIONS). As well as a internship program for young artists can learn and get experience of the industry.

TITLES: “Scattered” Tradeback and #1-4 (Writer/Artist), “Panda Days” #1-5 (Writer/Artist), “Caffiene Poisoned” #1-4 (writer), “Shadow Hunters” #1-4 (Writer), “Blinth” #1 (Writer), “Waiting for Something to Happen” #1-3 (Artist), “Inky and his Magic Eraser #1-Current (Artist)


“Dube was a graphic artist in a Bay Area print shop eight years ago when his wife encouraged him to quit that full-time job and write, draw and self-publish comic books.”


“Jason Dube (pronounced “doobie”) is intent on being the Stan Lee of the Sacramento comic-book scene”

“While California is famous for being a little off with the rest of the country, this time, the Golden State has found gold with Dube.”

SLIBER MEDIA posts new interview with Jason Dube! http://www.silbermedia.com/qrd/archives/56JDube.html

“The Amazing Dube”                                                                                       -Freakin Awesome Podcast (Click to HEAR Podcast)


“A very interesting and driven man who started his own comic book company.”   The Junior & Leo Show (Click to Hear Podcast)

“Jason Dube to talk about Scattered Comics”   – The Stockton-Con Podcast (Click to Hear Podcast)

“Ben interviews comics publisher Jason Dube of Scattered Comics.”   – Empire’s Comics Vault Podcast (Click to Watch Show)

“Jason Dube talks about Awwesome Sauce! at Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff’s FlyCo Mini Indie Con. ”   – The Geek Speak Show (Click to Watch Show)

“If you are interested in self-publishing, hiring someone to help you make a comic or comics as a business in general, Jason has a lot to say.”   – Geekish Cast (Click to Hear Podcast)

“With Fallout 4 coming out at the end of the year I am reminded of the literature that survived the apocalypse. For those we are not aware, it was comics. And you collected them in order to level up stats. I can tell you right now, with what I have read of Jason’s work, I would love to have his work in the vault with me.”
Most Awesome Sauce Media (Click to read full article)



Yolante Charles is a writer, artist, (computer) line-artist, and designer. Relatively new to the comic industry, she has already put out the several professional comics she has drawn (“Panda Shorts #1-#2″) and is currently working on her own comics as well. Originally from Canada she came to California and is currently working on becoming a permanent …


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timothy james


Timothy James Almost entirely self taught, his work is heavily influenced by Japanese manga and anime. He is currently developing two new projects for the internet. He is the writer, artist and creator of his own web based comic books TECHGAL which won best original manga twice in 2007 at the Sac-Anime Con spring and …


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Jamie Firenze graduated from Kendell College of Art and Design with a graphic design degree. She loves to illustrate and sequential art is now her focus. She attends a lot of anime and art conventions where she sells prints and commissions, in water color and Copic marker. She does graphic design work for self promotion and has given …


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Jasmine starting crafting stories when she was only eight years old. She would tell her stories to her older brother, Calvin. In 2012, she collaborated with her brother, an artist, to bring to life one of those stories as a comic book. That story is Sworn.


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Drawing since the age of two, Bex has won over 100+ Art Contests from local to national in a variety of art styles, with two murals in exhibits. Pursuing Art all though school and and college with knowledge of game design and classic animation.   TITLES: Love Havoc #1 (Writer/Artist), AwwwesomeSauce #1 (Artist on LIL …


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  1. karl

    hello jason,
    great web site. no picture of me or us being at the sf oktoberfest..why?


    Very cool art and words. :) If you’re interested I’d love to feature your comic series on my site – bloggerdise.com


    Jesse Cohen

  3. Chris Bieritz

    Hey Scattered Comics! Big fan! Was wondering where in Sacramento your studio was? I have looked it up for a school career project ( I would like to become a free-lance illustrator once I graduate) but can’t seem to find the location anywhere. Could you help me out?

    1. admin

      Our studio is located in South Sacramento

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