SHADOW HUNTERS Judge Stacy “Pippi” Hammon at Monsterpalooza (April 12th-14th, 2013)

Stacy "Pippi" Hammon (Center) between Elvira and Peaches Christ.

Stacy “Pippi” Hammon (Center) between Elvira and Peaches Christ. Photo by Jim Kuntz

In a effort to continue to promote the SHADOW HUNTERS Cosplay contest, SHADOW HUNTERS Film producer Stacy Pippi Hammon will be at Monsterpalooza April 12th-14th, 2013! She will be moving around the convention and spreading the word about  the SHADOW HUNTERS Cosplay Contest (she is one of the guest judges). Be sure to try to spot the “Pippi” and get one of the cool SHADOW HUNTER flyers she will be handing out, but more important hear about the new exciting news about the SHADOW HUNTERS film.


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