New Sponsors Provide Amazing Prizes at PANDA DAYS Event at SACANIME Sept 4th, 2011

The SacAnime show is right around the corner and the excitement continues to mount for this bi-annual convention. Amoung other note worthy features, the first ever PANDA DAYS Event will be making its first appearance.


Springing from the pages of the popular comic book “Panda Days” will be a host of cosplayers appearing as characters from the comic. “Panda” by Maria Crawdad, “Autunm” by Victoria Augusto, “Mary” by Jaime Paulsen, and a “Random Ninja” by Leryan Burrey. 

They will be migrating around the official premiere of the “Panda Days” itasha car by TeamLoveHate, and be handing out free copies of comic books, limited edition vinyl stickers, and special coupons off select merchandise in the SacAnime’s Vendors Hall.

panda days car

Our special guests will be “Panda Days” creator and artist Jason Dube along with series colorist Sean Salazar. And the fun doesn’t end there, as DJ R-SKEE will be spinning the new Panda Days Pop Song and rap for the karoke contest. We are honored to have sponsorship by Funamation, Animal Hats, and Miss Hannah Jinx Autograph Clothing who will be supplying the prizes for the contests. There will also be rewards of DVDs signed by Robert McCollum. So start practicing and be ready to have a lot of fun at SacAnime’s “Panda Days Event” on Sunday September 4th, 2011 at 11am in front of the Radisson Hotel!


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