Interview With Yola Charles Artist Of The Upcoming Panda Shorts Comic Series

We recently sat down with Yola Charles the new artist to bring to life a new comic book series with your favorite PANDA DAYS characters.

Q:  How long have you been working with Jason Dube and Scattered Comics?

YOLA:  Ohhhh, only about 3 weeks or so. I really enjoy working with Jason and his story so much I get too excited and get to work instantly and won’t top until it’s done. It’s been 3 very sleepless weeks.

Q:  How long have been working as a professional artist?

YOLA: I wouldn’t call myself a ‘professional artist. I haven’t quite got my work out yet and I am young and have a lot to learn and a lot of work to do before I may call myself that. As an artist though I have been drawing since the second grade and become serious about my art over the last few years. I have taken art and computer classes to improve myself and my art and hope to get out into the professional world within the next year or so.

Q: Are you a fan of the original comic book series Panda Days?

YOLA: Heck yes. When I first got the comic I would go through it over and over again. The characters are so cute and the art style is so original. I haven’t seen anything like it so far.

Q: What do you like about working on the Panda Shorts comic?

YOLA: It’s really fun and less stressful to draw an entirely chibi comic. I get excited when I get the new script; it makes me smile and laugh. I start sketching what the page looks like in my head immediately. And on a good week I get the page done in about 3 days. It inspires me to get started on my own ideas as well.

Q:  Any thoughts on what you’d like to see happen storyline wise?

YOLA: I can’t really think of anything. I just enjoy getting the humorous script and drawing the cute characters. I guess I hope to see more funny and more cute!

Q: Who is your favorite character from the series to draw?

YOLA: Definitely Panda. Panda is just the cutest with her long blond hair and her messed up jeans. I’m just a sucker for the tough girl.

Q: If you had to pick a character you most identify with, who would it be?

YOLA: I am not sure who I might identity with, but I have a pet bunny named Panda who definitely matches Jason’s Panda chick. So cute and such a little toughie.

Q: What do you prefer drawing when you’re not drawing the cute Panda Days universe?

YOLA: Well I do love drawing my style of chibis but when drawing my regular anime-style I have recently opted to draw characters from a series I have been working on with someone called ‘Forget my Name’, characters from a role playing game I am currently in, or just myself and my friends, or what they ask me to draw.

Q: If you were tormented by random ninjas that only you could see, what would you do?

YOLA: Well since only I can see them I would befriend them then get them to do my bidding. It sounds evil but it’s more like help me with my work, get me the answers on tests, torment or play pranks on people, and exact my revenge whilst I always get away with it cause only I can see them. So it’s more like the diet coke of evil.

Q: Any last words, comments, worries, shout outs, sage advice you’d like to leave us with?

YOLA: Uhhhhh … be nice to Canadians.


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