New SCATTERED Artist Noel Serrato

You may never have thought you’d see the day when “SCATTERED” would be drawn by another artist other then the creator of the series; Jason Dube. But that is exactly what is planned to happen starting with issue #6.

Noel Seratto who has a dynamic style and dramatic characters was tapped to deliver the artistic goods for a period of issues. “Noel’s style will fit the whole feel of the series, and I feel very comfortable of letting him take the reigns.”, Jason Dube remarked with a smile. “I really think the fans will be in for a treat”.

Before Noel begins his historic leap into the comic book, he will slowly be preparing himself with a small series of one-shots. “SCATTERED ORIGINS” will be focusing on some of the more favorite characters to give them the spotlight for an entire issue, and to give some back story into their characters. And just before Noel begins work on that, he has written and drawn “SCATTERED”‘s first webcomic which will premiere here and on “SCATTERED”‘s FACEBOOK page.


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