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A new Comic Title is BORN


Characters from “BORN” created, Written and Artwork by Timothy James

Ever since Scattered Comics brought in Timothy James to work on the art for “Comics Vs. Manga“, there was a lot of hope he would one day bring one of his own books to Scattered. Suddenly at the Summer SacAnime in 2017, Timothy announced his plans to create “Born”. A brand new supernatural comic book that focuses on a different aspect of the spirit world.
We had a chance to sit down and talk with writer/artist Timothy James in length about the series.

Q- So, let’s first talk a little about your new comic book title “Born”. What exactly is the premise of the series?

TIMOTHY- I’m fascinated by Japanese monsters. They’re very different from anything you find in western culture. You could think of this as Monster Hunters Japan with the addition of some very strange characters, family legacies, secret societies, curses, curses, and comedy.

Q- What made you make the decision to bring this series to Scattered?

TIMOTHY- It seemed like the perfect fit from the start. Scattered is best known for it’s fun mix of comedy and horror comics that all somehow take place in the same universe. A Scattered-verse, if you will. BORN is a monster story with a vein of humor running throughout, so I think Scattered Comic fans will really enjoy it.

Q- How long will the series run?

TIMOTHY- I’m a big fan of stories with a beginning, middle, and end. There are eight main story arcs/chapters planned. Each chapter runs 25-50 pages. Also, I’m kinda known for writing bonus material, short side comics and gags, so add another hundred pages of that. ^^;


Characters from “BORN” created, Written and Artwork by Timothy James

Q- Do you relate to any of the characters most?

TIMOTHY- Hard to say. There’s a little bit of me in every character, but they each have their own voice, so they all appeal to me in a different way. Also, they’ve all surprised me in one way or another. For example, Tomo, who was originally intended to be a side character that probably wouldn’t appear past issue one, turned out to be much braver and resourceful than I originally expected. She’s one of the central characters now.

Q- Are there any kind of messages in your story?

TIMOTHY- Maybe. I never set out to preach any kind of message. If there is a message it usually reveals itself during the final steps of the creation process. At least for me it does. It will be interesting to find what I’ve been trying to say with this comic, if anything. I can say that a major theme in the story is family legacy and finding your place in a big scary world.

Q- What was the inspiration in this story and its characters?

TIMOTHY- I remember as a little kid seeing a katana sword displayed on the top shelf of someone’s bookcase. I’d never seen one in real life and wanted to get a closer look at it, which of was out of the question. BORN is the story of what might have happened next.

Q- Alot of your comics start as webcomics. Will this be the same for “Born”?

TIMOTHY- It will be! I have a relatively large audience of online followers and they do a great job keeping me on schedule.

Q- When can we expect “Born” to be released?

TIMOTHY- It will depend on how long the first issue is (I’m toying with the possibility of a plus sized first issue) I’m shooting for a July 2018 release, just in time for convention season. 


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