Jan 05

Scattered Comics returns to SacAnime in Force (Jan. 5th-7th, 2018)


Timothy James “Born” creator/Artist will be at SacAnime

Scattered Comics creators will be returning for the SacAnime Show in much greater force then before to help usher in the brand new year. Here is the run down of what creators will be attending and what they will be making available for the convention.

Jason Dube (Scattered/Panda Days): (IZ-15) Jason will be signing copies of all his all-ages books and merchandise such as the anthology “AwwwesomeSauce#1” with Dube’s “Lil Goths” story. With other works from Noel SerratoBex KurasaiTimothy James, and Shane Will. He will also be on hand signing copies of his “Panda Days” tradeback books, his “Lil Goths” and will have the “Shadow Hunters” comics available to be signed as well as the art book and soundtrack. He will be ready to do some live commissions, as well as talking to fans and talents.

Eli Beaird (Action Land/Alien 101/Dog of the Dead):(IZ-16) Eli, will have on hand copies of all his great mangas. First his all ages manga, “Action Land” as well as his “Alien 101″ and for the first time, copies of his amazing horror book “Dog of the Dead”. All will be on sale at a great low prices for such epic manga series. This will be a great way to pick up a great book and get it signed by the creator.

Bordin Marsinkul (Zacklin): (A-17) He will have brand new prints. He will be doing his usual speed demon and be selling copies of “Zacklin” tradeback vol.1

Timothy James (Comics Vs Manga): (IZ-04) Will be on hand to sign copies of his own amazing self-published comics! Also, be sure to ask him about his new book “Born” to be released under Scattered Comics later this year.

Jeremy Rathbone (Saga of the Robovikings): He will have copies of his “Saga of the Robo-Vikings”. He will all have his amazing painting artwork and prints available! If you haven’t had a chance to check out Jeremy’s artwork before, you are in for a treat!

Jamie Firenze (Panda Days Webcomic): (AA-G10) Jaime will will be on hand to do both live commissions and selling prints of her amazing works of art.

Hope to see you and start the New Year with lots of great new comics and art at SacAnime!


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