Dec 20

LUCHA MYSTERY joins Scattered Comics


“Lucha Mystery #1″ Created, Written, Penciled, Inked & Lettered by Evan Quiring Colors by Donovan Yaciuk

Scattered Comics continues to grow its library of titles each year. 3 new titles have joined the ranks for the new year and leading the charge is Evan Quiring‘s action-packed comic “Lucha Mystery”. Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Evan brings his amazing writing and art style into a amazing new comic series.

Creator Evan Quiring explains the premise of “LUCHA MYSTERY”…

Lucha Mystery follows the adventures of Rey Diablo and other atomic powered luchadores as they fight crime, monsters and space aliens in the early ’60’s. This comicbook series features more insane wrestling action, daring luchador adventure, rock n’ roll surf movie monsters and fine, luscious ladies than you can shake a steel chair at!

Check out this comic book today both as a digital download or ordered through Evan or Indy Planet directly Click here to visit the “Lucha Mystery” page to purchase.


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