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Scattered Comics Creators to be Featured at Santa Rosa Toy&Comic Show Sept 23rd, 2017


“Caliber Trade” By Shane Will

This Saturday, September 23rd, 2017,  Scattered Comics creators were invited to come as featured guests to the SantaRosa Toy&Comic Show. A huge thank you to Mike Holbrook, the convention head, who was quoted stating, “Santa rosa toy con / North Bay Comic con is proud to have the help of Scattered Comics and their creators with the expansion of the artists alley. Without local artists and creators, an artist alley doesn’t succeed, so we are proud to have Scattered be a part of it this year”. Here is complete run down of the creators attending the show.

Shane Will  (Caliber): Will have copies of his new comic anthology magazine “CHAOTIK FICTION” #1. In these pages you’ll go on your first adventure with Sir Cybi – Knight of the West. You’ll get to see the first comic stories of the horror/comedy team of Monster: Operatives. A historical fantasy/horror tale from master of the macabre Chuck Bowman. Even a Caliber story. This book is bursting with action. Stories written by Shane Will Comic Book Creator – Writer/Artist, Josh Checko, Scott Eos Weldon, Art from Shane Will, John Rhodes, Cassidy Morgan, and as mentioned Chuck Bowman. He will also have a brand new “Caliber” trade on sale.

James Burton (Damge Inc.): Will have the NEW “Damage Inc. #3″ on sale. The first cross-over comic book with “shadow Hunters” is here! He will also have his amazing “Damage Inc.” Tee shirts as well as be on hand to sign copies of  “Damage Inc.#1-#2”. Damage Inc. are Metahunters, They are a group that collects bounties on the things that the cops are not financed to do. Frankly, it’s dangerous to catch someone who can spit fire or hunt down a Wendigo lumberjack who has not forgotten how to use a chainsaw. The unions frankly won’t let them in on it without massive hazard pay so enter the modern Bounty hunter. Enter Damage Inc. He will also have new prints for sale.

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“Allien 101 #3″ By Eli Beaird

Eli Beaird (Action Land/Alien 101/Dog of the Dead):Will be debuting “ALIEN 101 #3″ for the very first time as well as have on hand copies of all his great mangas. There will also be a cascade of Full color stickers from each of the series on hand. This will be a great way to pick up a great book and get it signed by the creator.

Keith Carmona (Blank): Keith will be taking pre-orders for his “Blank #2″ and give away a free print for those that pre-order at this event. He will also have his new “Blank” tee shirts as well as his cool poster prints of “Blank #2″ and of course copies of his futuristic mature readers comic book “Blank” to sign and sell, as well as tee shirts, and stickers. Get yourself a signed copy and talk with the creator/creative writing teacher about his up-coming issue #2.

Timothy James (Comics Vs Manga): Will be on hand to sign copies  of “Comics Vs. Manga”. He will also be debuting his own self-published book “Private Reserve”, as well as a new 18+ comedy called “Black Label” as well as his own amazing self-published comics!

This year the SantaRosa Toy&Comic Show continues to grow and expand both with comic creators but celebrity guests. Hope you get a chance to come down and experience the fun!




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