Sep 13

Scattered unveils new Genisis comic book series


Concept art for Genisis by Sarch D.

Scattered comics is proud to announce that a brand new Genisis mini series is already underway. 

Genesis is the immortal teenage girl that was put on earth to witness the birth and death of the world. She is meant to be merely a witness and not interfere with the path and fate of the world. But as the end draws closer, she is compelled assist to save mankind.

The miniseries will focus on her and a young girl named Rose. The story will begin to uncover some hidden truths about both Genisis and the raging spirit war that encompasses them both.

Writer/creator Jason dube explains,” The story of Genisis expands the entire history of life. Something fun I wanted to do with this series was to showcase some different periods in time in which very relevant stories happened that shape where the Scattered storyline is currently. It will also bridge with other titles such as Blinth and Shadow Hunters. Originally I was going to have it as a short in Scattered, but the more I begin writing, the more I realized it was its own stand alone storyline.”

Joining this project is comic book talent Sarch D. Be sure to check out this sneak peek video into the art designs for issue #1 (Click here)

Be sure to be watching for this new series.


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