Jul 28

Scattered Comics expands Distribution with Envoy.


James Burton, Director of Distribution for Scattered Comics

Scattered Comics already has books available in dozens of stores in a handful of states, as well as available for downloads on DriveThru Comics and Comixolgy. But always wanting to expand the readership, a more comprehensive distribution service was needed.

President of Scattered, Jason Dube, remarked, “As an independent comic book company we are always working hard and looking for more ways to reach a larger audience.”

The first step was to expand the Scattered Comics staff with a experienced person to head the brand new position of Director of Distribution. After speaking with James Burton at the World’s Best Comics signing in March, it was obvious he was the guy for the job. James was asked about his new position and explained, “I spent a lifetime in distribution, nearly dying at one point for corporate profit. Now working with Scattered and looking for ways to help creators distribute their work means I’m finally doing it for something I believe in.”

Quickly following, James set to work and contracted deal with Envoy Distribution. Envoy is the premier representative of small press and indie comics providing wholesale, direct market, and many other services to publishers we work with.

18700095_1907086682651337_1879099883295929380_nEnvoy’s CEO, Jon Miller, announced following Scattered Comics joining, “Longevity, quality, consistency and vision are just a few of the ways in which Scattered Comics displays excellence. We at Envoy Comic Distributors are proud to welcome such excellence onto our team.”

Dube, “We here at Scattered Comics are excited to announce officially we are joining with Envoy Distribution. This partnership will not only widen our reach to stores but bring in brand new fans as well.”



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