May 11

The “NOTHING-MAN” Kickstarter has Launched!


“Nothing-Man #2″ Written by N.S. Kane & Artwork by John Rhodes

Scattered Comics‘ “Nothing-Man” comic book series has just launched a Kickstarter funding campaign for its 2nd issue. Nothing-Man #2 is the continuation of a comic series about the Hyperiod Nothing-Man and his journey to discover his real self.

The Story: Our story begins 89 days after the mysterious explosion that decimated Paradise City. Two epic clashing figures now disappeared and presumed dead, the remaining thousands live in fear. A Coalition of government forces and the evil Hyprid gang known as the Chaos Theorum have seized control of what is left of the city. While the Coalition and the Hyprids search for the figure that shot across the sky, everyone else looks up waiting for Hyperious to return and save them all. The story has a classical superhero theme while twisting multifaceted characters into a three-way power struggle. The entire series will be 10 issues with a prequel of five issues and a sequel of five issues. The series takes the reader with JD and his Hyprid companions as they struggle to get to the truth about what really happened to Paradise City and the day he lost his memories. With crazy characters, powers galore, forces clashing at every turn and heartwarming family bonding moments, the series is a well-rounded tale of delight for anyone who enjoys comics.

Check out and support the creative team of John Rhodes and N.S. Kane in their latest installment of “Nothing-Man”. Visit their Kickstarter and pledge, share and support in anyway you can. (Click Here) Thank you!


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