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Scattered Comics Creators return to Grape City Con April 9th, 2017


“Shadow Hunters #4″ Cosplay Edition

This Sunday, April 13th, 2017,  Scattered Comics creators will be returning at this weekend’s Grape City Con.  Bringing together four tables all lined up.

Following along with these creators will be a lot of exclusive Grape City Con premieres and specials that will be available. Here is the run down of what creators will be attending and what they will be making available for the convention.

Jason Dube (Scattered/Panda Days): (A53-A52) Jason will be debuting the Cosplay Edition of “Shadow Hunters #4″ as well as the last Blank Cover exclusive and limited editions of the action-horror comic book “Shadow Hunters #4″. Jason will also have copies of the new all-ages “How To” comic book/tutorial book “Comics Vs Manga“. In this first issue you will meet the talented and diverse comic book and manga artists and join them as they are forced together in the same room. Continue with these artists as they decide to showcase their strengths and knowledge in step-by-step tutorials demonstrating that together they can accomplish more in achieving their goals as creators then focusing on their differences. Special guests include… Manga superstar Katie Bair (Ninja High School) and Comic Book fantasy artist Billy Martinez (Wildflower) will both share tips on what helped them starting out as a artist. He will also be on hand signing copies of his “Panda Days” tradeback books, AwwwesomeSauce #1, and many of his all-ages books. He will be ready to do some live commissions, as well as talking to fans and talents.

Keith Carmona (Blank): (A51) Keith will have new poster prints of “Blank #2″. Get your limited edition signed and walk out a happy camper. He will also have copies of his futuristic mature readers comic book “Blank” to sign and sell, as well as tee shirts, and stickers. Get yourself a signed copy and talk with the creator/creative writing teacher about his up-coming issue #2.

Jessika Cosplay Print

“JESSIKA” Cosplayed by LadySage

SHADOW HUNTERS Cosplayer: (A50) As an extra treat for fans of “Shadow Hunters” and in honor of the Cosplay Edition release, the spunky and sexy green-haired Werewolf girl, “JESSIKA” (Cosplayed by LadySage, a award winning cosplayer for this issue) will be on hand to sign copies of her photo prints as well as the cosplay edition Shadow Hunters comic book.

The Scattered creators are so excited to meet all the fans it feels more like this is going to be another big party. In any case it is going to be a honor to be guests at Grape City Con! Hope to see you all there.


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