Feb 23

NOTHING-MAN joins Scattered Comics

14711595_1094212147330132_8829792820552425417_oScattered Comics continues to grow its library of titles each year. Rolling out of 2017 Scattered Comics has the pleasure to welcome John Rhodes with his own creator-owned comic book series, “Nothing-Man”. If John’s name sounds familiar to you, that is because John has been a part of Scattered Comics working under Shane Will’s studio on “Caliber #4-#5″ and “spitfire #1″. “It was a no-brainer to bring his own creation into the fold.”, says president Jason Dube. After Noel Serrato, looked over John’s first issue submission, that sentiment was quickly echoed, and “Nothing-Man” is now a official part of Scattered Comics.

CreatorJohn Rhodes explains the premise of “NOTHING-MAN”…

89 days have passed since an epic battle between twin godlike brothers, one the ultimate hero, the other pure evil, ends with an explosion that decimates Paradise City. Both Hyperious and Insidious are now missing and presumed dead, thousands are dead in Paradise City, those that remain live in fear. A Coalition of government forces and evil Hyprids have seized control of what remains. While the Coalition and the Hyprids search for the twins, everyone else looks to the sky, waiting for Hyperious to return and save them all.”

16819375_1215672011850811_1413196274622347707_oThis is not your typical hero book is not for the faint of heart which earns its “Mature Readers” label on it. Check out this comic book today both as a digital download or ordered through John directly Click here to visit the “Nothing-Man” page to purchase.


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