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The Many Sides of Eli Beaird


Eli Beaird Writer/Creator/Artist

In case you don’t already know, Eli Beaird is a comic/manga creator that produces 2 widely popular manga series “Action Land” and “Alien 101” for Scattered Comics. What is truly amazing is not only do these books come out on a regular basis, and number in 100-page volumes, but the stories are both captivating with both real life drama as well as exaggerated humor, but also filled with rich characters that all have unique voices. And as he continues to move forward with these two titles, the word is coming to light of a brand new book titles “Dog of the Dead”. We thought this would be a great opportunity to take a second to speak with the creator.

Q- So, let’s first talk a little about your first two titles. “Action Land”’s main character focuses around a artist starting their career at a amusement park. This is such a fun book but also highlights what goes on in the heads of artists. DO you relate to any of these the most. (Though I know there is a Eli in the book).

ELI- Yes, as a former caricature artist myself I made Action Land to let artists who are starting to work professionally a few of the lessons i have learned. And all of the workers represent an artists at different stages of life, as in Fran (the protagonist) represents the new unsure artist, while David represents an artists at the end of their career where they care more about their influence on the next generation. But of all the artists i do relate to Eli the most, because we share the same secret.

Q- Were there any kind of messages in your story?

ELI- The message in Action Land is actually to care less. Meaning that as a new artist entering the art world, there is a lot of pressure and stress to be what you think people want you to be, but the trick to being an artist is realizing that your life and your experience is what makes your art special and in turn what makes your art great. figure out what you are good at and sharpen those skills till your the best at it.

Q- Okay, in “Alien 101”, you have a whole new take on coming-of-age, and first loves. What was the inspiration in this story and its characters?

ELI- An alien trying to understand what love is in high school is a story that I have experienced first hand. Most of Alien 101 comes from personal stories, and if I told you which parts where real and which parts were made up i don’t think you’d believe me.

Q- Any hints on who Mann (The main character) ends up with? ((SPOILER HERE): His daughter has dark black hair like the kitty-cat girl)

ELI- Yes, i know exactly who Mann will end up with, well its 50/50. It’s fun because I introduced his daughter, but I designed his daughter to look like several of possible love interests to make sure that its extra hard to guess.


“Dog of the Dead” Written by Maxwell Schepard and Artwork by Eli Beaird

Q- Your newest creation, “Dog of the Dead”, takes your writing and artwork in a different direction. Explain a little about the change.

ELI- Dog of the Dead is written differently because I didn’t write it. It was written by the very talented Maxwell Shepard. It’s my first horror genre story and is going to be my first collaborative published story. It’s very exciting for me to see how people receive it.

Q- What can you tell us about “Dog of the Dead”?

ELI- Dog of the Dead it is about a dog named Boots and her owner Alex who is coincidentally a zombie. Boots is actually the protagonist in the story follows her as she moves through the zombie apocalypse trying to protect her owner, The story is a great combination of adorable and disgusting.

Q- I understand its available online now at webtoons but will be coming to print soon?

ELI- Yes I’m planning to have Dog of the Dead complete in print and available on Amazon late February or early March.

Q- It seems like “Dog of the Dead” is more of a 1-shot. Are there any plans in either continuing the story later, or making more 1-shot type books?

ELI- Yes it is a one-shot book, I don’t have any plans on continuing it after this because me and the writer both have other cool stories in the works that where eager to working on. You can look forward to several more one shot stories from me dealing with some more mature subjects soon. Keep an eye out for Away, King of Grim, and another story written by Maxwell called Ghost Puncher.

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