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Scattered Comics Creators come in force to Chico-Con August 27th, 2016


“Caliber Vol.2″ By Shane Will, John Rhodes and Chuck Bowman

Shane Will, does it again in his 3rd annual Chico-Con event. Over 15 Scattered Comics creators will be appearing at this show this weekend (August 27th, 2016) to show their support not only for the their Director of Operation’s show, but to rally behind comic book colorist and Shane’s wife, Susan Schultz, who is battling a stage 4 brain tumor. There will be a raffle fundraiser to help raise money for them. There will be a ton of original art as well as lots of other rare collectibles being donated for the raffle. Be sure to come to the show to buy a bunch of raffle tickets.

Scattered Comics will be not only be at the show in mass to meet fans, do live commissions and sign books, but also be holding a Scattered Comics panel! The Panel will be hosted by Shane Will (Director of Operations/ Chico-Con Head), Jason Dube (President) and James Burton (Creator/Artist of “Damage Inc.”) along with other Scattered Comics creators. The creators will discuss current and future releases, new products, and the 25th anniversary of the company. They’ll also discuss what it means to be part of Scattered Comics, and submission guidelines.  It will take place 1pm-2pm Saturday in Hall B.

Okay, let’s get to it. Here is the run down of what creators will be attending and what they will be making available for the convention.


“Spitfire #1″ Written By Shane Will and Artwork By John Rhodes

Shane Will  (Caliber): Will be debuting the next trade paperback collection in the continuing saga of “Caliber”, Volume Two: Youth Gone Wild! This 88 page book collects issues 4,5,6 the complete story arc. Don’t miss out on your copy! Written by Caliber and Tomorrowverse creator Shane Will, with art from Will, John Rhodes, and Chuck Bowman. See who survives, and what is left of them! Shane will also be releasing the premiere printing of “Spitfire #1″. Be sure to get your copy!


Noel Serrato (Blinth/Hero Sally): Will be on hand to sign copies of  Blinth #1-#2 with 2 special and very limited sketch covers for Blinth #2 (while they last)! And a very special (very limited) exclusive sketch book “Sapo vol.1″ will be made available for this show. While your at the table, be sure to check out all his amazing original art and prints. Also for creators, this is a good opportunity to speak directly to the Creative Brand Director about your portfolio and comic book submissions into the company.

Jason Dube (Scattered/Panda Days): Jason will be on hand with the new release of the new all-ages “How To” comic book/tutorial book “Comics Vs Manga“. In this first issue you will meet the talented and diverse comic book and manga artists and join them as they are forced together in the same room. Continue with these artists as they decide to showcase their strengths and knowledge in step-by-step tutorials demonstrating that together they can accomplish more in achieving their goals as creators then focusing on their differences. Special guests include… Manga superstar Katie Bair (Ninja High School) and Comic Book fantasy artist Billy Martinez (Wildflower) will both share tips on what helped them starting out as a artist. Dube will have copies of the brand new all-ages adventure comic book “Inky and his Magic Eraser#1“ as well the  All-Ages anthology “AwwwesomeSauce#1” with Dube’s “Lil Goths” story. With other works from Noel SerratoBex KurasaiTimothy James, and Shane Will. Will have a published sketch book titled “Thoughts & Scribbles”. With each sale, Dube will do a original sketch on the inside cover. These are super limited so be sure to get yours because they won’t be re-printed. He will also be on hand signing copies of his “Panda Days” tradeback books. He will be ready to do some live commissions, as well as talking to fans and talents.


“Damage Inc. #1″ Story & Artwork by James Burton

Frederick Allison Jr. (Hybrid Earth): He will be selling his “Hybrid Earth Noir″ comics! Be sure to get your signed copies of this popular Sci-fi comic. He will have Bookmark bundles. $1 for five “Shadow Hunters” bookmarks. $2 for nine “Hybrid Earth” bookmarks. $5 -12×18 original prints. $10 character bust commissions.

Susan Schultz (Caliber): Will be on hand to sign copies of her coloring work on Caliber & Tomorrow.

Joe Burttram  (Tales of the Tomorrowverse): Will have copies of ”Tales of the Tomorrowverse #1 & #2″ Be sure stop by and get your signed copies.

James Burton (Damge Inc.): Will be on hand to sign copies of the premiere release of “Damage Inc.#1-#2” under Scattered Comics. “Damage Inc. are Metahunters, They are a group that collects bounties on the things that the cops are not financed to do. Frankly, it’s dangerous to catch someone who can spit fire or hunt down a Wendigo lumberjack who has not forgotten how to use a chainsaw. The unions frankly won’t let them in on it without massive hazard pay so enter the modern Bounty hunter. Enter Damage Inc.

Nicholas Garza (Tomorrow/Incursion)): Will be on hand with copies of the Tommorowverse’s mega issue-event of ”Incursion″ Be sure stop by and get your signed copies.

Josh Check (Metala-Kid): Writer of the all-ages series will be on hand with copies of ”Metala-Kid #1″ Be sure stop by and get your signed copies.

Chuck Bowman (Caliber/Tales from Another World): He will be on hand to sign the brand new premiere of “Caliber #5″: Caliber’s first date may turn into his last night on earth.  The Hampton Brother’s are on the hunt, and our hero has stumbled in their crossfire. He will also be on hand to sign copies of all his “Tales From Another World” as well as shirts,beanies,and prints.


“Ballad of Wanderlust Ashcan” Story by TC Fuller with Artwork by Laura Bond

TC Fuller (Ballad of Wanderlust): Premiering this show in Ashcan format, a great way to get a very rare and collectible copy of “Ballad of Wanderlust”. Both TC (The Creator/Writer) and his artist will be on hand to sign copies.

Laura Bond (Ballad of Wanderlust): This will be a great chance to meet the artist of the new fantasy adventure comic book “Ballad of Wanderlust”.

Scott Weldon (HellSlayer): The writer will be on hand to sign copies of “Hell Slayer #1”. Hell Slayer is about Darius Jones who was not trying to become a hero…
He’s was trying to be a top-tier professional wrestler; earn a rep, build his brand, make the big time. To compete with the best of the New Providence National Wrestling Alliance (NPN) and stars like Brian Cage for the belt. But no good deed goes unpunished. When Darius intercedes to protect a stranger from an assault, he finds himself caught up in events beyond his wildest imaginings. Handed a magical blade, told of angels and demons, Darius will soon discover if he indeed has what it takes to be a champion… for all of.

Braedon Kuts (Caffiene Poisoned/Nighxa): Will be on hand to sign copies of her comic book “Nighxa” as well as talk about her returning to the “Caffiene Poisoned”

Donovan Frary (Tomorrow/Incursion): Will be on hand to sign copies of his amazing coloring work in the books of Tomorrow and Incursion.

This year Chico-Con continues to grow and make its mark as a awesome comic show. The buzz is alive with tons of media attention. Here are links to some of the News coverage its getting…

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