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SCATTERED EXPO Welcomes Artists, Fans, and Creators November 21st, 2015


Limited “Scattered Expo” Exclusive edition of “AwwwesomeSauce #1″

This Weekend, November 21sth, 2015,  Scattered Comics will be putting on its first mini-con called the Scattered Expo. From a idea of (Talent Director) Noel Serrato, this mini-con will focus on the comic book creators as well as the fans. Hosted by the good folks at Metropolis Comix , this event will not only be a great way for the fans to meet and get exclusive art and comics and have them signed by the creators, but this will also be a big opportunity for comic creators to meet and talk with other creators and show their portfolios and network. Guests will include some of the big up-in-coming self publishers as well as both the entire management staff and creators of Scattered Comics. Being an independent comic company, Scattered understands that networking is such an important component to comic creators, so they want to begin something new that give everyone a chance to do just that under one roof.

Attending creator James Burton stated, “It’s freaking motivating being asked to participate with the Scattered Expo!”

Expo Special Guests:

Jason Dube (Scattered/Panda Days): Jason will be on hand with a very special exclusive SCATTERED EXPO edition of “AwwwesomeSauce#1″ (Limit of 15 copies). This All-Ages anthology “AwwwesomeSauce” with Dube’s “Lil Goths” story. With other works from Noel SerratoBex Kurasai, Timothy James, and Shane Will. Will have a published sketch book titled “Thoughts & Scribbles”. With each sale, Dube will do a original sketch on the inside cover. These are super limited so be sure to get yours because they won’t be re-printed. He will also be on hand signing copies of his “Panda Days” tradeback books. He will be ready to do some live commissions, as well as talking to fans and talents.


Limited “Artist” edition of “Blinth #1″

Noel Serrato (Blinth/Hero Sally): Will be on hand to sign copies of  a special Artist Edition of “Blinth #1″. And a very special (very limited) exclusive sketch book “Sapo vol.1″ will be made available for this show. While your at the table, be sure to check out all his amazing original art and prints. Also for creators, this is a good opportunity t speak directly to the Creative Brand Director about your portfolio and comic book submission.

Shane Will  (Caliber/Incursion): He will also be on hand to sign copies of all his awesome titles from the “Tommorverse” line like “Caliber”, “Tomorrow”, “Incursion”, “Metala-Kid”, and ”Tales of the Tomorrowverse″. Be sure stop by and get your signed copies.

Frederick Allison Jr. (Hybrid Earth): He will be selling the last copies of his “Hybrid Earth Noir″ comics! Be sure to get your signed copies of this popular Sci-fi comic. He will have Bookmark bundles. $1 for five “Shadow Hunters” bookmarks. $2 for nine “Hybrid Earth” bookmarks. $5 -12×18 original prints. $10 character bust commissions.

Jasmine Ellis (Sworn): Will be on hand to sign copies of “Sworn” as well as art commissions.


Josh Robertson, Owner of the awesome “Shadow Hunters” car will be in the parking lot

Calvin Ellis Jr. (Shadow Hunters/Sworn): Will be on hand to sign copies of “Sworn” and “Shadow Hunters #3” as well as art commissions..

Chuck Bowman (Tales from Another World): He will also be on hand to sign copies of all his “Tales From Another World” as well as shirts,beanies,and prints.

Joe Burttram (Tales of the Tomorrowverse): Will be on hand to sign copies of “Tales of the Tomorrowverse”.

James Burton (Inheritance/ Damage Inc.): He will also be on hand to sign copies of his “Inheritance” and “Damage Inc.”

Justin Prime (Skulldier Stories): Will be on hand to sign copies of prints and buttons, and talk with fans about his up-coming book.

Kenn O’Neal (Bexva): Will be on hand to sign copies of “Bexva” as well of have art prints for sale. Don’t forget to sign up on his mailing list and watch for his Youtube Channel. (Click for link)

They will be joined in the parking lot by Josh Robertson bringing in the amazing “Shadow Hunters” Car. Be sure to check out this awesome car!!

So if your a new artist looking to break into the industry, a comic book creator, or a fan looking for limited and signed collector editions, wing by and support the independent comic creators and get yourself some cool goodies. (Click here for the Facebook Event page)




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    I am seeking to be published by scatter comics and I am seeking more information about publishing.

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    Andrew Bergeron , in.pro.se.7@gmail.com , I am interested in publishing with scatter comics, where and may

    I please be published with your company ?

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      Andrew, thank you for your interest in Scattered Comics. You can send all submissions to…

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