Mar 31

The Shadow Hunters Kickstarter Campaign is underway!


Click this image to check out Kickstarter page

Scattered Comics is very proud to be able to announce the launch of its very first KICKSTARTER for the comic book Shadow Hunters issue #3!
We are asking on the support of the fans to please help out in any way possible. Even if it in sharing the page to spread the word. (Any support you can help put with would be greatly appreciated) Lots of rewards, original art, exclusive merchandise, cosplay editions, and so much more!
With the story being written by Jason Dube and artwork by Calvin Ellis Jr. “Shadow Hunters” #3 is sure to attract brand-new fans and satisfy the current fanbase with more action-horror pages they come to expect from the series.
Click this link to Check out the page!



  1. FrogGod1

    any plans for a Shadow Hunters animated movie or series (striaght to dvd) ?

    1. admin

      There are plans for a SHADOW HUNTERS live action film. You can follow its development on the film FB page.

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