Aug 17

Scattered Comics launches new Webcomics


“Hybrid Earth” Webcomic Written by Rustin Petrae and drawn by Frederick Allison Jr.

In Scattered Comics‘ continuous drive to reach more audiences and fans, it is announcing its brand new venture into the web comic arena with a new series of comics.

The very first of these webcomics will be a prequel storyline to the new sci-fi comic book series Hybrid Earth written by Rustin Petrae and drawn by Fredrick Alison Jr. The web comic series will serve as a introduction to the comic book so that the fans will get a taste of what is in store when the comic book comes out in late September, 2013. You can check out the new webcomic page on the Hybrid Earth page now.

Other Scattered webcomic series that are scheduled to follow throughout 2014 are “Comics Vs. Manga”,  “Shadow Hunters” , And “Scattered“. None of the web comic series will be pages from the actual comic books.  These will be stand alone storylines that can serve to gain the interest of brand new fans, and at the same time deliver free extra bonus story material to already established fans who are waiting for the next comic to be released.

You’ll be able to find all these new web comic series on the main Scattered Comics site, Facebook pages, and a select handful of some of the more frequented webcomic sites you might be more familiar with. Stay tuned for more info as the web comics are released.


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