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Name: Jason Dube
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ARTIST/PUBLISHER Jason Dube has been self-publishing under his comic book company Scattered Comics for the past 20 years. He has published titles such as Scattered, Panda Days, Caffeine Poisoned, and Waiting for Something to Happen. He has recently began putting out monthly webcomics, and branched out to releasing his titles to download on I-tunes. Jason also working as a fulltime freelance comicbook artist has worked as artist, colorist, typesetter and layout artist for several independent companies. (Companies include NEKO PRESS, BLUE WATER PRODUCTIONS, COMICBOOK DIVAS). Dube has recently opened an art studio (Scattered Comics Studios) where several artists work under me to help with the expanding workload that I have been bringing in from other clients.

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Aug 17

Scattered Comics Creators return to Stockton-Con August 19th-20th, 2017


CHAOTIK FICTION” #1 premieres with an exclusive Stockton-Con edition. By Shane Will & Various

August is going to be the beginning of a epic busy convention month for Scattered Comics, and it all gets kicked off at the Stockton-Con show this weekend. (August 19th-20th, 2017)

Scattered Comics will be not only coming to the show with a 7-table presence, but also be holding a Scattered Comics panel on Sunday at 2pm at Stockton-Con! Join the creators of Scattered Comics as they not only talk about their up-coming projects, self publishing, and how to join Scattered Comics, but there will be FREE stuff given to the attendees as well. (As long as supplies last). Okay, let’s get to it. Here is the run down of what creators will be attending and what they will be making available for the convention.

Jason Dube (Scattered/Panda Days): (AA54) Jason will be signing copies of the new “Lylith & Mara: Sisters of the Dark”. Also find copies of all his all-ages books and merchandise such as his “How To” comic book/tutorial book “Comics Vs Manga“ as well the  All-Ages anthology “AwwwesomeSauce#1” with Dube’s “Lil Goths” story. With other works from Noel SerratoBex KurasaiTimothy James, and Shane Will. He will also be on hand signing copies of his “Panda Days” tradeback books.Debuting for the first time anywhere will be the companion mercy button set of his “Lil Goths” and will have the “Shadow Hunters” comics available to be signed as well as the art book and soundtrack. The popular “Scattered Logo” and “Kill all Monsters” shirts will also be available. He will be ready to do some live commissions, as well as talking to fans and talents.


“Lil Goths” button pack debuts at Stockton-Con

Noel Serrato (Blinth/Hero Sally): He will be on hand to sign copies of Blinth #1-#3 with 2 special and very limited sketch covers for Blinth #2 (while they last)! And a very special (very limited) exclusive sketch book “Sapo vol.1″ will be made available for this show. While your at the table, be sure to check out all his amazing original art and prints. Also for creators, this is a good opportunity to speak directly to the Creative Brand Director about your portfolio and comic book submissions into the company.

Shane Will  (Caliber): (AA52) Will have copies of an early “Exclusive” edition of his new comic anthology magazine “CHAOTIK FICTION” #1. With an exclusive cover for the convention. In these pages you’ll go on your first adventure with Sir Cybi – Knight of the West. You’ll get to see the first comic stories of the horror/comedy team of Monster: Operatives. A historical fantasy/horror tale from master of the macabre Chuck Bowman. Even a Caliber story. This book is bursting with action. Stories written by Shane Will Comic Book Creator – Writer/Artist, Josh Checko, Scott Eos Weldon, Art from Shane Will, John Rhodes, Cassidy Morgan, and as mentioned Chuck Bowman.

Eli Beaird (Action Land/Alien 101/Dog of the Dead): Eli, will have on hand copies of all his great mangas. First his all ages manga, “Action Land” as well as his “Alien 101″ and for the first time, copies of his amazing horror book “Dog of the Dead”. All will be on sale at a great low prices for such epic manga series. This will be a great way to pick up a great book and get it signed by the creator.


Limited Edition “Simon” art print signed by Special Guest cosplayer Zachary Wilder & series creator Jason Dube

Timothy James (Comics Vs Manga): (AA55) Will be on hand to sign copies  of “Comics Vs. Manga”. He will also be debuting his own self-published book “Private Reserve”, as well as a new 18+ comedy called “Black Label” as well as his own amazing self-published comics!

Bordin Marsinkul (Zacklin): (AA46) He will have brand new prints. He will be doing his usual speed demon and be selling copies of “Zacklin” tradeback vol.1

SHADOW HUNTERS Cosplayer: (AA54) As an extra treat for fans of “Shadow Hunters”, the military driven, “SIMON” (Cosplayed by Zachary Wilder) will be on hand to sign copies of a special limited art print as the comic books. he will be happy to take photos with the fans!

As always, the first sale of the day will have a short video filmed of the purchaser and they will be able to plug a person or business that will be added to the Youtube video compilation afterwards. Also, anyone who purchases a item from the table may request to be videoed as well. And of course everyone gets their photo taken. Its all part of the fun and a great way for both the creators and fans to remember the event. (Click her to watch last year’s Video)

This event will be featuring a great group of Scattered’s talented creators under one roof so we thought it might be fun if we provided you with this flyer you can download and print out, and have each of the creators sign it for you, Or just come out to the show and meet them. In any case it is going to be a blast at Stockton-Con!




Aug 03

Scattered Comics Creators coming to Sac Pop Culture Expo this August 5th, 2017

Catalog Cover Proof

FREE copies of the Scattered Catalog to be given out to first 50 attendees.

On August 5th, 2017, Scattered Comics will be special guests at the Sac Pop Cultural Expo. Not only will the Scattered creators be on hand but free copies of the Scattered catalog will be given out to the first 50 attendees. Here is a run down of who will be appearing and what they will have there.

Shane Will  (Caliber): Will have copies of his trade paperback collections in the continuing saga of “Caliber”, Volume Two: Youth Gone Wild! This 88 page book collects issues 4,5,6 the complete story arc. Don’t miss out on your copy! Written by Caliber and Tomorrowverse creator Shane Will, with art from Will, John Rhodes, and Chuck Bowman. See who survives, and what is left of them! Shane will also have copies of “Spitfire #1″. Be sure to get your copy!

Eli Beaird (Action Land/Alien 101/Dog of the Dead): Eli, will have on hand copies of all his great mangas. First his all ages manga, “Action Land” as well as his “Alien 101″ and for the first time, copies of his amazing horror book “Dog of the Dead”. All will be on sale at a great low prices for such epic manga series. This will be a great way to pick up a great book and get it signed by the creator.

It is going to be a great event with celebrities, talents and comic books at the Sac Pop Cultural Expo (Click link for ticket info)

Sat. August 5th 2017 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM PDT ·

Scottish Rite Masonic Center

6151 H Street

Sacramento, CA 95819


Jul 28

Scattered Comics expands Distribution with Envoy.


James Burton, Director of Distribution for Scattered Comics

Scattered Comics already has books available in dozens of stores in a handful of states, as well as available for downloads on DriveThru Comics and Comixolgy. But always wanting to expand the readership, a more comprehensive distribution service was needed.

President of Scattered, Jason Dube, remarked, “As an independent comic book company we are always working hard and looking for more ways to reach a larger audience.”

The first step was to expand the Scattered Comics staff with a experienced person to head the brand new position of Director of Distribution. After speaking with James Burton at the World’s Best Comics signing in March, it was obvious he was the guy for the job. James was asked about his new position and explained, “I spent a lifetime in distribution, nearly dying at one point for corporate profit. Now working with Scattered and looking for ways to help creators distribute their work means I’m finally doing it for something I believe in.”

Quickly following, James set to work and contracted deal with Envoy Distribution. Envoy is the premier representative of small press and indie comics providing wholesale, direct market, and many other services to publishers we work with.

18700095_1907086682651337_1879099883295929380_nEnvoy’s CEO, Jon Miller, announced following Scattered Comics joining, “Longevity, quality, consistency and vision are just a few of the ways in which Scattered Comics displays excellence. We at Envoy Comic Distributors are proud to welcome such excellence onto our team.”

Dube, “We here at Scattered Comics are excited to announce officially we are joining with Envoy Distribution. This partnership will not only widen our reach to stores but bring in brand new fans as well.”



Jul 08

Scattered Comics presents Live DAMAGE INC. Panel on Kickstarter July 9th, 2017 (4:30pm)PST

livestreamSQJoin Jason Dube, Noel Serrato and “Damge Inc.” creator James Burton for “Scattered Comics presents Live DAMAGE INC. Panel” Uncut and Live July 9th, 2017 (4:30pm)PST. As they discuss Shadow Hunters, Damage Inc., Kickstarter and their lives with indie comics and Scattered. Everyone is invited to join them and interact on the live chat.

Click Here to enter the LIVE STREAM EVENT!


Jul 08

Scattered Comics goes exclusive with Fast Custom Shirts


Joe Garcia, Owner of Fast Custom Shirts

Scattered Comics has had a working relationship with Fast Custom Shirts. Not only does owner, Joe Garcia, produce amazing apparel but he does it fast and at a very reasonable cost.

As both companies continue to grow and expand, they have agreed to solidify their partnership. Scattered Comics will now be making Fast Custom Shirts their exclusive silk screener for all their comic book shirts, and Fast Custom Shirts will have all of Scattered Comics shirt designs carried on their website for instant purchasing. This will make it easy to get any of the scattered comic shirts that are made available at conventions but will always be in stock and available in all sizes. Scattered Comics will also spotlight and feature a “apparel of the month” on all its website pages to help create awareness and traffic to the FCS website store. This partnership will be beneficial to both companies which will help bring more fans and customers lots of cool apparel.




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